Legal Professionals

Allied Business Accountants can assist in the management and operations of your busy legal practice to free your time to focus on what you do best.

Our bookkeeping and accounting specialists can work with you on or off premises to manage your accounts payable and receivable,  payroll system and compliance needs, and provide you with up to the minute financial reports and statements to help you effectively manage you business.

We’ll also safeguard your practice with comprehensive asset protection solutions, structure your investments for tax effective performance, and help you see the big picture with business performance analysis and cash flow forecasts that compliment our range of profit improvement strategies.

Here are some of the key ways we help legal professionals:

Financial Reports and Analysis

The use of cutting-edge accounting software gives us the power to pull detailed financial reports and analysis at a moment’s notice. We’ll forecast your cash flow, assess your staffing costs and turnover, review your overheads, and benchmark your business against your competitors to maximise your profit margins. Find out more…

Staff Attraction and Retention

If a business is only as good as its employees, attracting and retaining the top people is critical to your success. We’ll assist you to implement incentive strategies that will make you an employer of choice and set the key performance indicators that will keep your team performing at the highest level. Find out more…

Cost Reduction

Snowballing costs can erode the profit margins of the busiest legal practices. We’ll help you set realistic budgets that are aligned with your financial goals and track your ongoing costs and expenses against your budget targets to maximise your profitability. Find out more…