Profit Improvement

There are three ways to improve your profits – increase your sales, increase your margin, or decrease your costs. Allied Business Accountants takes up the reigns where other accountants fall short to monitor your business activity, analyse your performance, and implement the right profit improvement strategies to grow your business.

We provide expert advice at every stage of your operation to boost your productivity, minimise your costs and ensure your achieving maximum market cut through.

We’ll benchmark your performance against your competitors, cut waste and monitor your budgets, and align key performance indicators (KPIs) with your business goals on the road to identifying and fulfilling your true profit potential.


Tracking your competitors is essential to staying relevant in your market and ensuring profit sustainability. Keeping abreast of your competition will not only help you to set competitive price points but also assist you to establish margins, assess your staff costs and analyse your business practices.

At Allied Business Accountants, our annual benchmarking service is vital to understanding your market position, identifying where you can cut costs, and revealing market gaps in your sales strategy.

We’ll examine your competitors and report how you stack up on:

  • Sales volume
  • Market reach
  • Production costs and overheads
  • Staffing costs and turnover
  • Pricing
  • Profitability


Budgeting is a business function that is critical to your overall profitability, but one that is too often disregarded. Setting realistic budgets is fundamental to reducing your operating costs, but even the best budgets are only as good as your willingness and ability to monitor them.

Allied Business Accountants will help you set budgets with achievable revenue targets and provide the ongoing cost and expenses monitoring that are vital to maximising profitability.

We’ll help you identify your costs, forecast your sales, implement a realistic budget and monitor your progress to keep all your business on track and on target to achieve the financial goals you’ve set.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Profit improvement is all about setting clear financial goals, defining the path you’ll take to achieve them, and monitoring your progress on your journey towards your goals.

Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) is another critical profit improvement technique used to ensure all your business units are on the same path, moving in the same direction, toward the same end point.

Allied Business Accountants will help you align your KPIs to your financial goals and use them to measure your progress and performance to keep you focussed and on track to achieving the success you’ve worked so hard to earn.