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Accounting that keeps lawyers on the right side of financial laws!

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Our accountants will help to maximise the profitability of your legal practice, help you attract and retain the best staff, and protect your assets with our range of profit improvement strategies.

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Lawyer’s Accounting Solution

As a legal professional, dealing with tax compliance and tax minimisation can result in a significant drain on time and resources. This can expose you to a higher degree of tax risk. Furthermore, if appropriate structures and asset protection strategies are not in place, you could find your personal assets, such as your family home, at risk during litigation.

At Allied Business Accounts, we will work closely with you to provide tailored solutions to protect your assets, take care of tax compliance, and minimise your tax. We will locate and identify any risk to your income and assets, as well as helping you identify and manage tax risks before they develop into a serious issue.

Our Key Services For Lawyer’s

Our services include, but are not limited to…

  • Separating assets at risk
  • Minimising liability
  • Protecting your income and assets
  • Protecting your revenue
  • Tax planning and minimisation strategies
  • Specialist tax advice
  • Preparation of tax returns

Client Testimonies

Thanks to David and his team as they are exceptional accountants and always surprise us by how knowledgeable they are in a wide range of fields. For almost a decade, Allied Business Accountants have facilitated the financial structure of our business and have maintained our financial records up to date in a timely manner without headache from our end, or us worrying about missing any deadlines.

Dureka Pty Ltd
I am forever grateful to David for all those years he has invested his attention in my financial affairs and financial strategy. The outcome has enabled me to have the financial freedom and quality of life that I thought I could only dream about. I would highly recommend David and his team.
Tracey Willett

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