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Resident Director Services Australia

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What You Need to Know Before Bringing Your Business to Australia

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Are you considering establishing an Australian subsidiary?

Outsourcing local directorship

One requirement of an Australian subsidiary is to appoint a resident director. This person is legally attached to your business so it’s important they act in good faith, and are committed to your company’s success. A resident director must reside in Australia and will perform tasks such as signing official company documents, ensuring the business is solvent, and liaising with regulatory bodies.

Meet Allied Business Accountants, Your Australian Resident Director Experts

If you’re exploring the possibility of hiring a Resident Director, then you’re in the right place – Allied Business Accountants specialises in helping international companies break into the Australian market. We’re committed to not only making your expansion successful, but also creating an experience that you enjoy.

Growing your business is a time of great excitement, but it can also be a time of stress as you navigate complex international laws and regulations—we want to remove some of that frustration. We can your Australian Resident Director appointment seamless, so you can focus on what matters.

Our boutique accounting firm is owned and operated by David McKellar FCA, who brings a wealth of experience and real-world knowledge to his client’s businesses.

Together with our network of international business experts in various fields, we offer our clients a full spectrum of services, including accounting, financial advisory, legal, and human resource management, so you can confidently establish your business in Australia, knowing you’re in safe hands.

Outsourcing local directorship

The need for a resident director shouldn’t exclude you from entering the Australian market—there are other options. One option is to hire an Australian nominee director.

An Australian nominee director is a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner in Australia who monitors the business incorporation. They ensure that everyday operations in Australia are legal, compliant, and financially sound.

Choosing the right partner

It’s important to note that this partnership involves risk for both parties; the business bestows control to the nominee director, and the nominee director carries significant professional and personal responsibility/risk on behalf of the business.

Here at Allied Business Accountants, we offer resident director services to our international clients, so they can enter the Australian market with the confidence that their business matters are being handled with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

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What our Client Say About us

We’ve been using Allied Accountants for 8 years, and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. David is always available to respond to emails and quick return missed phone calls. He’s friendly, upfront, professional and his services are affordable. If I could give more than 5 stars I would

Rachelle Williams

Thanks to David and his team as they are exceptional accountants and always surprise us by how knowledgeable they are in a wide range of fields. For almost a decade, Allied Business Accountants have facilitated the financial structure of our business and have maintained our financial records up to date in a timely manner without headache from our end, or us worrying about missing any deadlines.

Dureka Pty Ltd
I am forever grateful to David for all those years he has invested his attention in my financial affairs and financial strategy. The outcome has enabled me to have the financial freedom and quality of life that I thought I could only dream about. I would highly recommend David and his team.
Tracey Willett

I have found Allied to be understanding, cooperative and right up to date on current accounting and tax issues. They have guided me through establishing and administration of our Self Managed Super Fund which has supported my retirement. I appreciated direct contact with senior management and would recommend Allied to any person requiring advice and support for their financial matters.


David was an absolute star, after being referred to him for some accounting advice for our small business, he knew exactly what we needed and there was no hassle and was very straight forward. Highly recommend this business for your accounting needs.

Nermeen Naguib

We have recommended Allied to a number of clients and received fantastic feedback.

Legal Head Start

Want to learn more about an Australian Subsidiary formation?

We offer end-to-end Australian subsidiary formation services

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Resident Director – Frequently Asked Questions

The resident director of an Australian company is a person who is responsible for managing the company’s business activities. He or she looks after your company’s issues and ensures you are complying with the law at all times.

Aside from the ordinary responsibility of an Australian director (acting in the best interests of the company, avoiding conflicts of business and personal interests and avoiding trading while being insolvent), a resident or nominee director is also responsible for ensuring the company:

  • has a current registered office– A company must have a current registered office in Australia and must inform ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) of its location.
  • has a principal place of business– A company that operates a business from a location different from its registered office must inform ASIC.
  • discloses personal details of directors– A company must inform ASIC of the name, date of birth and current residential address of directors.
  • keeps financial records– A company must keep up-to-date financial records that correctly record and explain transactions and financial position. Larger companies have additional obligations to lodge financial reports with ASIC.
  • notifies ASIC of key changes– Whenever there are certain key changes to the company’s details (e.g. principal place of business, directors), ASIC must be notified.
  • pays relevant fees to ASIC– For example, the annual review fee.
  • checks annual statements– A company’s details on the ASIC register must be accurate and up-to-date.
Yes. Under the Australia Corporations Act 2001, all companies incorporated in the country must appoint at least one director who is a resident of Australia. This person can either be an Australian citizen or a migrant who has the right to work and live in the country.
For private companies, you will need at least ONE resident director who regularly resides in Australia.
If it is a public firm, then you will need a minimum of THREE resident directors, two of whom must ordinarily reside in Australia.
To be eligible for a resident directorship, a person must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • normally reside in Australia
  • committed to take on the responsibilities and roles of a Resident Director
No. There is a common misconception an Australian proprietary company needs both a resident director and a company secretary. This is not true.

When a company appoints an Australian resident director they have the choice of whether to appoint a company secretary or not. The company secretary must reside in Australia.

If your company does not appoint a company secretary, the role and responsibility of the company secretary must be assigned to another person. In most cases, these tasks are undertaken by the resident director.

Under normal circumstances, this process will take about a week depending on the information that may be required.
free guide to register your business in australia

What You Need to Know Before Bringing Your Business to Australia

Grab our free guide here

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