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Xero Accounting

Leading Xero accountants & advisors

We are Experts in Xero Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping Software that is low is in cost and very easy to use.

Xero is online accounting software that allows you to run your business and access your accounts from work, home or on the go. Here Allied Business Accountants, we are the Xero accounting experts in Melbourne and our clients that have switched to Xero and the cloud love how easy it is to keep their finger on the pulse of their business financials. Because Xero is cloud-based our clients can access it from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet. This means as a small business owner you can always get real-time information about the financial state of your business.

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Our experience in managing the needs of international business and acting in the capacity of resident director for Australian subsidiaries of overseas entities is second to none.

  • Register your company in Australia with ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)
  • Register Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Act as your local agent or Australian resident director
  • Ensure local tax compliance, including Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Structure your Australian branch to maximise profits
  • Consult on tax planning and minimisation
  • Advise on local salary packaging, payroll and superannuation requirements
  • Prepare cash flow projections
  • Provide management and accounting advice
  • Complete all necessary legal documents

Get expert advice from a certified Xero accounting firm

We are a XERO GOLD partner, so with us you’ll get expert help with the leading accounting software. Xero reduces office admin and makes all your financials more simple and efficient.

Choose a professional and trustworthy service to prepare your BAS (Business Activity Statements)

  • Perhaps your small business is behind on your annual tax obligations?
  • Maybe you’d like to know if there’s other smart ways you can minimise your tax?
  • Or, it could be you’re looking for expert advice on how to growth-hack your business.
  • Good news. Allied Business Accountants are the pros at all three. Tax shouldn’t have to be so…well, taxing. Drop us a line and you’ll never look back.

Everything is Transparent

Here at Allied Business Accountants, we pride ourselves on being an honest and caring team of profit drivers and growth strategists that help our clients succeed, but we firmly believe they shouldn’t have to study a degree in accounting to be able to understand and manage their business- that’s our job.

This digital era has seen businesses adapt, mobilise and grow to remain profitable, but it’s not always easy to move with the times. That’s where the Xero accounting system comes in. For Xero bookkeeping, Melbourne, choose PCR as your Xero accountant. We’re serious about saving time and money, so speak to us today.

Speak to us about getting your business set up with Xero – you won’t regret it, we promise!

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Client Testimonials

Thanks to David and his team as they are exceptional accountants and always surprise us by how knowledgeable they are in a wide range of fields. For almost a decade, Allied Business Accountants have facilitated the financial structure of our business and have maintained our financial records up to date in a timely manner without headache from our end, or us worrying about missing any deadlines.

Dureka Pty Ltd
I am forever grateful to David for all those years he has invested his attention in my financial affairs and financial strategy. The outcome has enabled me to have the financial freedom and quality of life that I thought I could only dream about. I would highly recommend David and his team.
Tracey Willett
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Q&A Questions for XeroAccounting

Companies and other organisations have an obligation to be audited under various circumstances. An audit of financial reports is a regulatory requirement for the following:

  • Large proprietary companies
  • Registered Schemes (Managed Investment Scheme)
  • Disclosing entity (A body that holds enhanced disclosure securities)
  • Medium-Sized Charities with annual revenue of more than $250,000
  • Large Charities with more than $1 million of annual revenue

Another factor that causes the need for an audit is if a company or charity receives a government grant. This is proof for the government that the figures for the financial reports are true and fair.

First, you need to consider why you're hiring a business accountant over any other type of accountant.

  • If the reason is because the books are taking up too much of your time, then you probably need a bookkeeper rather than a business accountant.
  • If it is because you are having issues with cash flow and financial management, then you may need an internal or external business accountant.

Internally, business accountants are usually a major expense and are usually only employed in large-scale organisations. There can be some smaller businesses that may need an internal sme accountant, however, this is fairly uncommon. We would recommend that you first assess whether the tasks could be better delegated, both internally and externally, before hiring a business accountant internally. Liston Newton Advisory are small business accounting experts, get in touch with us today for a free strategy sessions.

There are various equipment finance options, and choosing the right one will depend on your business circumstances:

  • Equipment loan
  • Hire purchase loan
  • Finance lease
  • Operating lease

Your business accountant can help you determine which type of loan is the best for your business.

Most business accountant suggest that it is better to fund an asset purchase with cash if your cashflow allows. Paying cash will save you money on interest payments.

If you don't have the cashflow to support paying for the asset in full, then financing will be a better option.

You can choose to purchase a vehicle in your personal name or your company.

Purchasing a vehicle in a business structure can be a tax effective strategy as you can claim all of the business-related expenses and depreciation through the business. However, you need to consider Fringe Benefits Tax, as any non-business use needs to be accounted for through a Fringe Benefits Tax reimbursement.

A business accounting consultant can determine the best option tailored to your exact circumstances.

Our team of experienced business accountants are familiar with the financial needs of small businesses. We can advise you and help achieve your financial goals by preparing budgets and effectively managing your cashflow. Our cloud-based accounting technology will allow you to get invoices paid faster, collaborate remotely with accountants and keep your data protected with multilayer security.

We've been a small business ourselves so we know what it takes to grow a successful business.



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